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About Streamtech Music

Streamtech Music provides premium sound libraries for the modern artist.

Our commitment to quality, user experience, and innovation brings inspiring instruments into your creative process. Driven by our passion for music and technology, we aspire to redefine the boundaries of today's music production.

Iconic Violin — Our Flagship.

Iconic Violin, our flagship product, showcases a meticulously sampled solo violin in all its beauty and expressiveness. It features a sleek, intuitive user interface, multiple articulations, and advanced scripting for realistic performances.

Quality Through Precision.

We conduct our sampling sessions with care and precision. Using high-end equipment in acoustically tailored environments, our sound libraries go beyond simple collections of notes - they reflect the true character of the instruments.

Technology Meets Artistry.

We acknowledge the importance of technology in today's music production process. However, we never lose sight of the human touch, the artist's influence that enlivens our virtual instruments. We're committed to providing tools that inspire creativity, whether you're composing a film score, producing a pop song, or creating immersive soundscapes.

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